Resin Floor coatings

Waterproof resin floors and highly resistant Resin Floor coatings

The waterproof resin floors and the low thickness Resin Floor high resistance resin coatings are made up of two-component epoxy resin-based formulations Epoxy Floor P and Epoxy Floor SL colored, which have the common characteristic of being solvent-free and of being have been developed for painting and continuous low-thickness flooring waterproof flooring in Hagerstown, MD.

Epoxy Floor P-SL have excellent mechanical, abrasion and chemical resistance to aggressive environments.

Floor P is a low thickness (1 mm approx.) Waterproof coating system for concrete and masonry floors and walls

Floor SL is a self-leveling system with a thickness of approx. 3 mm.

Floor P resin screed 7-10 mm thick

The epoxy formulations for waterproof floors, depending on the thickness, are suitable for protecting the underlying concrete floor from a chemical and mechanical point of view and allowing the passage of light or medium-heavy vehicles.

In addition, the waterproof resin floors allow for a pleasant aesthetic finish. They can be used for new constructions and for refurbishment, after preparation of the substrates.

Main uses according to thickness: industries, garages, laboratories, warehouses, shops, exhibition halls, pharmaceutical departments, hypermarkets, hospitals, schools, manufacturing environments and food industries.

Waterproof resin floors Epoxy Floor P-SL: what are the advantages

Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance of the flooring

Pleasant aesthetic finish


The entire Line of Floor System products for  industrial floors and resin coatings  produced by the company which also includes anti-dust treatments, treatments for industrial plants, including for drinking water, tanks, purifiers.

The biggest concern of anyone with a terrace or a balcony is that water does not seep into the rooms below. From time immemorial man has embarked on the undertaking of providing for this using the most diverse systems and studying the materials that nature had made available to him, modifying them and adapting them to his own needs.

In the following two thousand years, no sensational innovations have emerged regarding waterproofing systems, perhaps because the ancient architects had already found an optimal system for carrying out the work.

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