Prenatal massages benefits and advantages

Prenatal massages can be summarized as how the massage in maternity has benefits like decrease in muscle tension in the back and legs, reduction of joint pain, improvement of blood circulation, reduction of edema (swelling), increased oxygenation of muscle tissues, reduction of anxious states, sleep improvement, support to combat depressive states (thanks to the increase in serotonin and dopamine which improve stress), help to combat stretch marks and sagging of the skin decreased stress levels (due to the release of the hormone norepinephrine and high cortisol levels) .

How to do massages during pregnancy

Several precautions are necessary, since these are maneuvers practiced on mothers and also on future babies. The precautions to be taken concern first of all the positions of the body to be assumed during the massage, the possible contraindications, and the type of manipulations to be carried out and here we offer spa gift card near me.

The woman’s body should be positioned to bring relief, which usually coincides with the side flank, where there is no pressure on the abdomen and no depressions that can cause it. Adequate pillows should be provided so as not to press the body against the bed, especially the breasts.

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Sensitive points must be respected, in particular those that correspond to the pelvic muscles such as the ankles and wrists for reflexology, as well as practicing a light maneuver on all the muscles to promote general relaxation. The abdomen that hides the new life, must be protected and can only be treated with light caresses, never with rubbing or massage pressure.

It is essential to take into account the fact that there may be women with high-risk pregnancies, states of hypertension or severe swelling that could make massage difficult. Especially in cases of gestations accompanied by loss of blood or water, excessive dizziness and palpitations, frequent abdominal pain.

In addition, it is important to evaluate an adequate massage for each stage of pregnancy, for example in the first trimester when great caution is required, it is sometimes not recommended to practice prenatal massage; which becomes an excellent and recommended support for gestation, instead, after 12 weeks.

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