MRI scan in East Brunswick, NJ

Mri Scan – Producer And Benefits

Some diseases do not show any symptoms in their early stages. The person having such diseases might look healthy on the outside. So, what is the way to identify such diseases? The answer to that is an MRI scan. MRI scan helps to take pictures inside the body and recognize the diseases based on them. So, taking an MRI means doing a full body check-up once a year can help us to identify such diseases in the early stage. Image care is one such institute that provides MRI scan in East Brunswick, NJ, and helps to identify the progression of diseases.

What is MRI?

MRI which stands for Magnetic Resonance imagining is a process that makes use of nuclear magnetic resonance for medical purposes. It is used to get images of the internal structure of the body and processes inside the body. From the image, the doctors conclude the presence or absence of the disease. The diagnosis made using MRI helps to understand the state of any disease. MRI of any part of the body gives a contrasting image of tissues.


  • MRI makes use of sound waves to produce images. It does not use any type of radiation which makes the process safer.
  • MRI helps to create 3-D pictures of body parts. Computer technology helps to convert the images to 3-D form.
  • Your whole body is scanned during the process. This helps to identify the diseases in starting stage.
  • The images are structured properly to differentiate fat, water, and muscle.
  • MRI is used to identify diseases like tumors, cancer, and inflammation.
  • It is fit to work with different types of organs and helps to identify a wide range of diseases like Dementia, Myocarditis, Lesions, etc.

Process of MRI

The process of MRI works in three stages.

  1. Before the process: You can eat and drink normally. There are no restrictions on medicine except for some cases.
  2. Scan: During the procedure, you are asked to lie down and enter the machine. Their magnetic field is produced which helps to take the readings.
  3. After the process: The data is collected by the machine and then interpreted by an expert using the computer. Then after the analysis of the image doctors get the idea if any disease is present. The further steps are based on the image output.

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